Fairies and Pixies

So what’s everyone’s favourite thing that can fly? Is it fairies?

Is it Pixies?

Is it drones or helicopters?

Is it quadcopters or aeroplanes?

Is it a pegasus?

It’s hard to know but people these days believe in fairies and pixies they believe the fairies and pixies are behind-the-scenes controlling the government.

They believe that fairies and pixies live in the forest and hide behind electric poles and are waiting to jump out at you at night when you go somewhere around Sydney Australia.

Pixies are in control of all the speed cameras in the world and the reason you are caught going above the speed limit in your Ferrari is because a fairy or a pixie actually took the picture.

Fairies and pixies of course don’t show up in photographs because they’re very shy.

There are some photographs of fairies and pixies that some people think are genuine but it’s very hard to know for sureĀ  because a lot of people are idiots.

Of course fairies and pixies are very interesting because they can fly so a lot of fairies and pixies are regularly sucked into the engines of jumbo jets on takeoff and landing.

Many Pixies are also destroyed by albatrosses and eagles and end up asĀ  food for predators such as larger fairies and pixies.

Sometimes you’re driving home late at night and you think to yourself I can see a pixie or is it a fairy in a lot of people confuse Pixies with fairies or they confuse a fairy with a pixie.

These people are stupid. There are clear differences that can make it clear to all of us.

I think you’ll find that Pixies are more the Republicans and Fairies are usually the Democrats .

Pixies and fairies are extremely wealthy because they don’t need to wash their clothes.

Ever managed to save a lot of money even though they have no pockets to keep that money if they’ve got wings which they get dry cleaned once a month so which is faster a Ferrari or a pixie here are some places you will probably never find a fairy or a pixie and a petrol station an outback Australia add a McDonald’s drive-thru had a billbug comedy show

pixies don’t spend much time on land they spend more time in the sky avoiding helicopters and aeroplanes and quadcopters.

Pixies and fairies have been known to travel at speeds of up to 400 miles per hour tinkerbell was a fairy and manly about the environment
Have you ever seen a pixie or a fairy if you do see a fairy or a pixie don’t talk to them about how they are a fairy or a pixie I don’t talk about their wings because it makes them feel self-conscious nobody wants to feel self-conscious instead you simply extend your right hand give them a fairly firm handshake so that these Pixies so that these ethereal creatures know that you’re serious about meeting them if you make these winged creatures feel uncomfortable and what are the chances however return to Earth not very good
And for the love of all things good please don’t tell them any offensive pixie or fairy jokes or jokes about fairies with fairies meeting that making fun of someone’s sexuality don’t tell him any of those sorts of jokes because it’s going to backfire and these guys have got an amazing memory and they will somehow get revenge on you because they’ve got a lot of friends that all look like them and all have the same muscles and Wings empowers so it’s not going to end well for you so don’t do it

dell amongst themselves saying things like these Earth people keep looking at our wings and making us feel we don’t want to feel awkward let’s just stay up here in the clouds and watch the humans while they’re in the shower graceville

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