Finding the Best Inversion Table

Back problems may be diagnosed from a professional medical expert as a result of several types of injuries. Depending on the injury, the therapy or treatment plan will vary. Some of the treatment plans involve invasive surgery for the severe injury and for the less severe injuries several modest therapy sessions may be required. Some of the recurring injuries may be treated by the patient with the use of an Inversion table. An Inversion table has multiple uses in that in may help with exercising the abdominal muscles, hip muscles and back muscles. To target a specific muscle group, the table usually comes with Inversion Table Guide.

The guide shows the user how to set-up the table with step-by-step instructions. It also explains how to adjust the table for specific exercises and gives step-by-step exercises for a target muscle group. Warnings for each exercise are also included in the guide to help the user prevent further damage to a muscle group. The guide may come in the form of paper, booklet or even video. Most customers prefer the video because it is like there is a personal instructor in the same room as them. The guide is different for every type of Inversion table. Therefore, it is always important to make certain the guide included is the correct one by comparing the model number on the equipment to the number listed on the front of the guide.

The types of Inversion tables may vary based on: weight, height, weight limit, material used to cushion the body, adjustment types, straps inclusion and portability. Most customers want an Inversion table that has the capability to be folded away when it is not in use. These tables are usually bulky and take up a lot of room in the area where it is used. Therefore, the ability to be hauled away easily is another important feature for most customers. Because the equipment is used often, the quality of the material used is important for those that use it as often or more because it is easy to become worn and uncomfortable. The ability of the table to rotate one-hundred and eighty degrees is also a great feature to have in an inversion table. The guide is also useful in demonstrating to the user how to rotate the device and how to return to the original position safely.

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