The Special Beneficial Features of Sedona Sky Academy

Sedona Sky Academy information is available at the school’s website and social media pages. This combination residential treatment center and boarding school helps troubled adolescent girls get better control of their lives while staying on track with their academic studies. They receive counseling sessions to help them learn the causes behind their disruptive actions and more beneficial ways of behaving.

One feature students especially like at this academy is the equestrian aspect of therapy. The young ladies work with the horses, caring for them and learning to become skilled at riding. Equine therapy has been shown to be effective for mental health improvement. Spending time with the horses relieves stress and is calming. It adds a thoroughly enjoyable experience that can help when the students are feeling depressed, hopeless or homesick. Successfully learning to ride helps them feel empowered and competent, and caring for these large animals makes them feel valued and appreciated. All these activities require a certain amount of discipline and willingness to follow instructions, something the girls need practice in mastering.

The academics at this school are rigorous, intended to be for college preparatory purposes. The facility boasts a very high rate of acceptance to four-year colleges for their graduates. With small class sizes, the students receive more personalized attention than they typically would in a public school setting. That allows them a better chance to excel and to focus on topics within academic subjects they find particularly interesting. The school works to foster a love of learning that the students may have never developed before, or may not have experienced since their earliest years in school.

Parents have a large variety of schools where they can enroll teenage girls who are at risk of not graduating or getting into serious trouble with the law. However, the special beneficial features of Sedona Sky make it a unique opportunity for the young women who attend. They become much better students and learn more advantageous ways of behaving. They gain better control of their emotions and acquire psychological tools that help them stay on a productive and satisfying path after they leave Sedona Sky.

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