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Finding a Doctor in Your Network

My husband just changed jobs so we had to move our entire house and its contents over to the next state over. The kids were excited about going to a new school and meeting new friends, my husband and I were excited about the new house we moved into. I had to find a new dermatologist and doctors because we moved, and we also had a new insurance plan. I called my new insurance company and asked about the providers near me, and I heard that Balcones deramtology and other providers were near me. I was a little nervous and apprehensive about calling up new doctor’s office and asking for a new patient appointment.

I Was Having Major Back Issues

I knew that I needed to see a chiropractor in Corte Madera but I was putting it off because I was just flat out scared on what I would be told. The problem I was having was definitely my back, and I did not want to have to go through a surgery and painful recuperation time like two of my aunts did. I knew that putting it off was not the answer though, and I finally made an appointment with a local chiropractor to be seen for the first time.

I was able to get some information from their website, but I was mostly going in without knowing what I was facing. Again, fear was the reason. I thought if I read too much on the website, then I might not even go through with the appointment. Well, it turns out that not reading the website is where I made my biggest mistake.